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Tanja Smits

Last week, Tanja Smits, a representative from More Than Aware(MTA), visited Little Scholar Academy(LSA) to teach the students about Proactive Prevention, Wellness from Within and Sisterhood Support and how the organization uses these concepts to support women in the prevention and recovery of breast cancer.

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Tanja explained the difficult concept of cancer with the analogy of flowers and weeds.  Everyday our body makes healthy cells like beautiful flowers in a garden. Flowers need soil, water and sun to grow healthy.

weeds growing

Sometimes cancer can start to grow, like unwanted weeds amongst the flowers, so we need to keep ourselves healthy!

healthy steps

Tanja taught that if we make healthy choices everyday it’s going to be much easier if we get ill. She gave us 3 simple things we can do: exercise, drink water and care for one another by showing gratitude.

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First, we should exercise(Proactive Prevention) because that makes our hearts, lungs and whole body stronger.  Exercise is like the soil a flower needs to grow tall. On May 13th, we all have the opportunity to exercise together at the MTA Family Fun Run.

drink water

Second, we should make healthy choices like drinking water(Wellness from Within). Our bodies need water just like the flowers.  Soda is not good for flowers or for our bodies. Drinking water is like cleaning the inside of our bodies!

love and gratitude

Third, we should care for one another and show our gratitude(Sisterhood Support). When we care for another by showing love and gratitude we make each other feel warm, just like a flower getting sunshine. Who can we think to say, ‘Thank you’ to?

Thank you very much to Tanja for bringing MTA’s positive message. On May 13th, the entire LSA community of teachers, students, parents and staff will join the MTA Family Fun Run to take what we learned and put our support into action for this great cause!


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