Our Partner Beneficiary: Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club

More Than Aware (MTA) is purely volunteer driven. 100% of our proceeds are donated directly to the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, a registered not-for-profit organization with 12,000 members, and a volunteer staff of 500. The club boasts of a 90% recovery rate of Breast Cancer patients through a holistic approach to wellness.

The Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club (SCRC) has 4,000 recovering Breast Cancer “Thrivers.”  The “Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club” is More Than Aware’s long-term (government registered) partner.  Like MTA, SCRC is also 100% volunteer based.

Where Do MTA’s Funds Go?

The SCRC has a three-week recovery program that teaches empowered self-care including: qigong (like tai chi), exercise, nutrition, music & dance therapy, Chinese herbs, and massage therapy.
During that time, they are given a support group of fellow breast cancer thrivers, educated on the recovery process and provided psychological counseling.  All of which supports a proactive lifestyle- resulting in a 90% recovery rate of breast cancer, among the highest in the world.
Shanghai Cancer Recovery Center