2015 MTA fun run

Pacific Prime China: Family Fun Run

On May 9th, More Than Aware hosted their annual family fun run around the Century Park in Shanghai. This year, Pacific Prime China sponsored 100 tickets, with 50 employees joining in the festivities. The other 50 tickets were donated to Shanghai Cancer Recovery Center survivors so they could attend.

At the event we also had a booth with a ring toss activity for the kids and many of our members took part in the run. Check out our photos of the event below!

About More than Aware

More than Aware is a local movement that aims to not only increase awareness of breast cancer, but spur people into action and empower women by placing them in the forefront of their own health and well being. They do this by offering cancer prevention and recovery support to all members outside of their normal doctor’s visits. It really isn’t just a community, it’s a lifestyle filled with amazing support and education options! Contact us today to learn more about More than Aware.